On June 28th, the long-expected Myland Digital Earth Platform will be launched on www.myland.earth metaverse website (Myland.Earth). Myland.Earth ebables all users to buy, sell, and build on virtual land. The Myland Metaverse Development Team is actively building the technologies and tools for land owners to build the contents and applications on the Myland, in order for land owners to increase the land equity value.

Myland.Earth will be the first Digital Earth Platform with custodial wallet. It allows land buyers to acquire land properties in 3 different payment options: Crypto (ETH and MATIC), credit card, and Wechat Pay. The Myland blockchain framework will establish our creator-economy based on ownership community and augmented reality contents. Land owners will be awarded for land improvement. A relatively large portion of the proceeds (about 30%) will be invested in further development of the Digital Earth Twin Reality, that is an application that enhances the regular 1D or 2D images into the 3D image in virtual reality.

Myland Metaverse presents an excellent opportunity for ordinary investors to participate in a variety of ways for as low as $5.00.

  1. For investors who have already Myland Project Phase I NFT, they will receive a 20% discount when investing in Myland.Earth land purchasing.
  2. For new investors, their investment in digital lands will be awarded free token airdrop for the upcoming Myland Initial Dex Offer (IDO) in October. This will help the investors in the countries that do not allow the residents to participate in IDO presale programs. Current SEC rules do not allow the U.S. investors to purchase IDO presale tokens (sometimes penny on a dollar offers for white-listed investors). Basically, SEC does not allow U.S. residents to go through the KYC process for IDO presale programs. This makes Myland purchase reward program more appealing to the investors in these countries.

For residents in countries that banned cryptocurrency, investing in the affordable digital lands on Myland.Earth can be made with credit card supported by the custodial wallet Myland Platform created for these investors. The investors who use credit card are also permitted to participate in the Pre-IDO reward program.

October 15th Myland.Earth IDO Launch

The Myland digital land mission is to support virtual land ownership with a gaming platform where virtual land development is based on a creator economy. The Myland 3D gaming platform provides tools and apps to empower ownership for the entire community to build the Myland Metaverse with apps and digital contents.

Within a framework of the creator-investment economy, Myland Metaverse Development Team will deliver Play & Earn, Dev & Earn, renting, identity management, and a full stack of tokenomic benefits with the upcoming ICO scheduled for October 15th, 2022.

Last but not the least to brief on our wildlife conservation, reforestation and environmental NFT campaign: on July 29, 2022, the International Tiger Day,  we’ll continue on and complete the Phase I development of the Myland Metaverse Project, we will release the Tiger Land Zodiac Collection of 600 NFTs for the public sale on Rarible NFT Marketplace (www.rarible.com).

Due to the extreme market condition this year that cryptocurrency has gone through so far with Bitcoin market 70% decline in value, we will postpone the release the rest of the NFT supply for the TLZ collection when Tiger Land online games is ready to lease in 2023.

As previously planned, 15% of the NFT sales proceeds will be donated to the private tiger facilities across North America. A captive tiger lives about 20 years in average and costs $25,000 a year for food and care. Our donation to the tiger sanctuaries and private facilities in North America will be for tigers immediate needs in nutrition, necessary veterinary care, retrain and re-wilding before tigers can return to the wild. Toward the end of this year, we’ll run our community votes for environmental and re-forestation donation options for 2023. Please join our community on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and we want to hear from you.