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Among many tiger species in the world, the Sumatran Tiger Family is the only species to have survived with approximate 600 in Indonesia, while two other sub-species are already extinct there.

On May 20th, International Endangered Species Day, we will start our community campaign of “Save the Tiger during the Year of the Tiger”. We will have our first pre-sale NFT drop with the release of the first 600 of Tiger Cub Zodiac NFT Collection on Opensea.io – This symbolizes the 600 Sumatran surviving tigers. The Tiger NFT will be priced at ETH0.03 each on MazeArt NFT marketplace. MazeArt network is built on the Polygon Blockchain and allows a free mint process with no mint fee required. 15% of the sales proceeds will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund for the global tiger preservation effort, to help preserve, protect, and care for this majestic creature known as the King of the Animal Kingdom.

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On July 29, 2022, the International Tiger Day, we will release another 600 TLZ NFTs of the Tiger Cub Zodiac NFT Collection. We have reduced the total number of the NFT release for public sales due to the recent market condition. The total supply for this collection will be cap’d at 3,600 which will be listed in our whitepaper updates.  15% of the NFT sales will be donated to the accredited tiger sanctuaries and private facilities in North America for tigers immediate needs in nutrition, necessary veterinary care, retrain and re-wilding before tigers can return to the wild.

The first 200 members purchasing the May 20 and July 29 NFTs will be qualified for free token air-drops in October’s Initial Dex Offer of ERC20 MLND token, and the discounted rates on digital land sale on upcoming launch of Myland Digital Earth Land Sales. The first members purchased tiger NFTs in May will be qualified for the voting rights in the upcoming DAO organization of the Myland.Earth Digital Earth Land Sale project, as well as, the Phase III game/land development for Myland Metaverse on www.myland.earth, our project’s destination Metaverse platform (Reference to Roadmap).

To continue on tiger conservation and wildlife protection, the good news is that more public governments and organizations are getting involved in the campaign to protect both tigers in the wild and tigers in captive. Thanks to government and wildlife advocates from all around the world, new laws and grants for tiger preservation have halted the rapid decline of tiger population in the past decades.

One of the earliest legislative efforts for the protection of tigers was the 1973 Federal Endangered Species Act in the United States. This was an environmental protection bill approved by Congress of the United States. In the same year, India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi launched the “Tiger Project” whose objectives have been to maintain a stable population of Bengal tigers in nature, protect them from extinction and establish areas as reserves for these fields.

In 1993, China’s State Council issued a ban on tiger bone, making it illegal to transport, carry, and mail tiger bone into and out of the country. In the 1940s, the Siberian Tiger was near extinction, Russia took aggressive laws in prevention from their extinction. The Indonesian Sumatran Tiger Conservation Strategy also started in 1995 in countries like Nepal, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The MazeArt project is the quest to empower each and every member of our future-verse as the responsible citizens in this global village to better use the natural land resources for the tiger population protection and for other endangered species preservation.

We at MazeArt chose the tiger as a symbol of a future humanity in harmony with the animal kingdom, a creative balance of co-existence between human beings and animals in a maximized use of all natural resources of land, water and forest. The MazeArt projects contains Phase I tiger NFT offer and Phase II virtual land NFT sales.

These offerings will enable the entire MazeArt community to manifest its consciousness as a next stage of net citizenry awareness. As the project enters Phase III and goes beyond, it will also create significant profit for early-invested members of our community when the value of NFTs and virtual land increase in the future, as the land economy, NFT and token staking, advertising, gamification, content creations, and social interoperability governed by DAO in Metaverse are being developed and evolved.

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